Tuesday, March 27, 2012

things that make me feel good

I'm finding it hard to have the time to sit down and write much at length that is any way cohesive, but I'd like to include a few photos to tell my stories instead. Here's a few things that are making me feel good this week.

Feeling good that: I live close to much of my extended family so that Juliet and Audrey have the opportunity to know their aunts, grandpa, great aunts, and great grandma. I want to keep the memory of my aunt Sue playing "Pony Girl" with Juliet, and running with Juliet on her shoulders; and also to keep the memory of my Grandma holding Audrey and just loving on my girls. Grandma is always in awe of how much hair Juliet has and now that Audrey is getting some soft hair too, she just loves to rub her soft little head. I'm so grateful that we can live near my family so that my daughters can get so much love!

Feeling good that: Audrey is growing so well! I love her chunky little thighs. This isn't the best photo, but it shows Audrey (7 months) wearing a pair of 12 month pants, and still the button won't fit! She's hardly eating any solids, so this is pretty much the result of all mama's breastmilk. And that makes me happy!
"Why are you shoving that camera in my face again?!"

Feeling good that: my daughters adore each other. I can't believe I ever worried so much that Juliet wouldn't be able to have enough attention. She LOVES Audrey so dearly.

Felt good to: Help. I was in charge of our small group's compassion project, which was to prepare brown bag lunches for the hungry in downtown Fullerton. It was a small project, but it felt good to lead and to serve.

Feeling good: that Juliet is just in the cutest stage, ever. She has had the verbal "explosion" that I kept hearing about. This morning she started saying "Ready, Set, Go!" along with me while I was playing with her and having her race through the house.

And she is also saying "Please" and "Thank you" when encouraged, and that feels awesome- that my daughter is learning to be polite and well-mannered, since it often feels like I'm running a zoo!

My other favorite new word that she's saying is "Baba", which is the name that she has chosen for her Grandpa (my dad). It just warms my heart that she is developing a relationship with him and that she has chosen a special name just for him, all by herself.

She's starting to really enjoy reading books together, too. (I'm sure there's a connection there between the verbal acquisition and the reading.) She wanted to read this Ear book over and over again, while lying on a pillow in my bedroom with a pacifier and my mom's old sweater spread over her like a blanket.

She doesn't want a regular blanket- just my mom's sweater. And that is perfectly alright with me; it's a reminder that my mom is here with us, in my memories and that I can honor her through loving my children daily.

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