Thursday, March 15, 2012


My baby will not sleep. I am going mad.

I'm listening to her scream in her crib while I collect myself for a few minutes. She hasn't slept since 6:00 am and it's now after noon- that's six hours +, which is way, way too long for a baby her age to go without sleep.She's probably teething, or maybe she just hates me and wants to make me crazy.  I've done Tylenol. I've held her, I've worn her, I've shushed her and patted her back.  I've done it all. This is so maddening.

Just writing it here because posting this junk on Facebook  over and over again probably annoys everyone. I am so tired. This is the worst part of parenting for me by far, by far, by far.


  1. Maybe she needs some more time alone crying in her crib so she learns to self-soothe?

  2. If you've tried plan A, B, C, and D, maybe its time for the last plan?!

  3. been there, jen, and it is so hard, i have a blog full of rants that i didnt publish b/c i had nothing to say but i hate this i hate this. just remember, this too shall pass....