Monday, March 12, 2012

Gary's new office

I don't have time today for any serious rumination, but I thought I'd add these photos of Gary's "new" office. I forgot to take a Before photo, but we rearranged all the furniture, added curtains,added plants, and decorated the walls a bit. Well, I should admit that Gary did everything except that I bought the curtains.

 It was a very cheap makeover- we already had the existing wall hangings just sitting in a corner collecting dust. The curtains made the biggest difference in the room, since those windows are very outdated (and Gary also needed the sunlight off his workspace).

I'd like to paint the walls a cream color to warm the room up eventually. My favorite part of this room is that wonderful old fashioned fire place, and it works great to keep the room warm on a chilly morning. Gary deserves to work in a space that is somewhat comfortable, and I wish we did this a year ago!

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