Friday, September 27, 2013

Fun at the zoo

Yes, Juliet insists on wearing a dress or tutu no matter the occasion, and both insist on their punk sparkly shoes! These girls!!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Making pretend

We've had to go beyond our normal activities this week given how housebound we've been due to illness.

One of the many activities we did today was play pretend that the girls were camping. They were roasting their "marshmallows" and taking inquire seriously- "careful mommy, don't burn yourself on the fire!"...."ooh look, mommy, my marshmallow is turning brown! Yummy!" And so on.

Nice memories of trying to make the most out of
this otherwise rotten week of illness.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A little unclear on the concept

Me: "Are you sure you're telling the truth, Juliet?"
Juliet: "What's that mean, mommy?"
Me: "It means that something really happened, instead of it being pretend."
Juliet: "Like poo poo. And bikes. And scooters. And rainbows. Right, mom?"
Me: "Ummm, I guess?"

Finn's first tea party

A night on the bathroom floor

I acquired a stomach virus that Juliet brought home with her, and haven't been this miserably sick in years. I am finally able to hold down small amounts of liquid but feel horribly weak and achy after several hours of vomiting and fever.

I think I will never grow old enough to stop missing my mom when I'm sick. I want her to walk through the door, put me in bed with a cool cloth on my forehead, and take care of me until I'm better. Gary did an excellent job standing in, and between him, my sister, and our new babysitter, we are all surviving. But I still miss my mom.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


This is from a babywearing meet up at an indoor playground. We just came from ballet class, so Juliet is wearing her dance clothes, and I'm putting a mermaid costume on top of it for her. Meanwhile, I'm blocking the couch with my butt so Finn doesn't roll off, then I will put him on my back in that beautiful carrier a friend is letting me try on.

Audrey is not pictured since she was running around having too much fun! Little miss independent.

I like how this photo capture my daily life!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Her highest compliment

Juliet: "oh, thank you, mommy! You are the best rainbow, sparkle, princess, dancing, celebration party, ballerina  mommy in my whole life!"