Saturday, March 3, 2012

on my thirties

As usual, Gary has made sure I had a good birthday. He's so great at giving- both of himself, and of actual gifts. We had a great date night on my birthday, and I also had a relaxing massage this morning, a night out with my girlfriends tonight, and a day at Disneyland tomorrow! Whew!

I am thirty two years old. I am solidly in my thirties now, no longer straddling the line of being in my twenties.  And I am glad.

My twenties were a tumultuous time. There's no reason to go into details, but a lot of the decade wasn't particularly pleasant.  I made a lot of poor choices, I squandered opportunities, I hurt people, I had far too much self-doubt. There were some good and happy times in there too, but there's also a lot of regret that came from my youthful arrogance and angst.

My thirties may be a much harder decade so far, in terms of the "big stuff" of life that can be emotionally and physically draining. Marriage, motherhood, and the death of a parent. Big stuff that would have thrown me in my twenties. And yet, I feel calmer than ever. Peaceful and confident in my place on this earth.

I am a mama to two beautiful, healthy children. I am a wife to a loving, wonderful man. I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt. I am a child of God, beloved by my Creator.

And I am content. This is a good decade.


  1. I remember Mom telling me that the thirties are much more pleasant than the twenties and she didnt miss her twenties but she wouldnt mind re-visiting her thirties.

  2. I love "the 30s" too :) Every birthday recently I always think, would I rather be X age than 10 years younger (33 rather than 23 etc.) and the past few years SO win out over the 20s. As you said, we have to deal with some sad, major, challenging things at this age and going forward, but the rewards are much greater too. Glad you had such a fun birthday weekend!
    xoxo Linz