Tuesday, September 27, 2011

waking up full of awesome

This blog post over at Pigtail Pals is super inspiring.

I'm sick and not feeling super awesome today. But i always want my daughters to wake up full of awesome. And I want to wake up feeling it too, barring nasty cold viruses of course!

Being a mama to girls is a heavy responsibility. I have banned the word F-A-T from our house, for instance. It's a bad word just like the 4-letter ones as far as I'm concerned. Just so I can keep my girls feeling awesome, ya know?

Do you have ideas for keeping ourselves and our daughters waking up full of awesome? 

Here are a few pics of me and my daughters, being awesome.

(originally posted on 9.26.11)

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  1. Three lovely ladies!

    I also try to take the F word out of my vocabulary, along with reminding myself not to pinch my muffin top in the mirror. It's a huge deal to me, raising a daughter that doesn't have body issues.

    Oh, and Leia loves that Sesame Street shirt ;)