Tuesday, September 27, 2011

supporting the arts

It's a hot day and I'm still under the weather so we are sticking close to home. I decided it was the perfect day to experiment with Juliet's artistic side! I have been saving the paint for a special occasion, and it was hot enough for Juliet to be outside with just a diaper on. This was our first official "art project" besides playing around with Crayons.

It was a mess.  I guess the fun stuff in life is always a bit messy!  Juliet is still a little too young for painting, I found. Mostly because she tried to eat it! (We used Crayola Washables, which is supposedly non-toxic...I hope!).  She kind of grasped the concept of using a brush and painting the paper, but she was far more interested in chasing me around and putting her paint-filled hand prints all over my pants.

It was a fun way to spend the afternoon, and then she got a bath, which was probably her favorite part. Juliet loves the bath! She loves to watch the water run and will stay in the bath as long as she can, until her fingers have wrinkled and the water has grown cold. She also has a bit of an obsession with taking out the plug and putting it back in...over and over and over again. Toddlers learn through these repetitive motions, and good thing, because it would seem OCD otherwise!

My goal as a mama is to encourage my daughters' creativity and to have fun with art.  
Does anyone else have a fun art project to share?

Also, speaking of baths, Audrey also got a bath today.  She only gets bathed once a week, so I guess it counts as a special occasion! I bathed her in the kitchen sink, which will always make me think of my mom. (Mom bathed me the kitchen sink, and then taught me how to bathe Juliet in the kitchen sink.)

Here is Audrey this morning (5 weeks, 6 days)

My mom bathing Juliet in August 2010:


  1. Yay for Juliet's first art project! I'm going to make some paints out of corn starch and food coloring sometime soon and let Little A do some painting. I'm sure that the Crayola stuff is indeed non-toxic but I'm just happier having most of his art supplies made out of food stuffs for now. I'm also planning to make him some flour-salt clay for modeling.

    I love the bath pictures. I can't believe Audrey is already so big!

    Hope you guys are well and best of luck with the next blog!

  2. The paint project looks like fun. We haven't tried that yet. If you find some age appropriate ones, pass them on. Paint is a bit of a challenge in an apartment. :)