Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My sweet Anna

My sweet, loyal, quirky friend Anna passed away on Thursday, August 25th. As anyone who has read this blog surely knows, Anna has been a constant, loving presence in my life since I adopted her in 2004.

She carried me through all the ups and downs of my 20s, loyally accompanying me on all the adventures, crises, and celebrations-- first in Walnut Creek, then San Francisco, Cabo San Lucas, Newport Beach, Seattle, and Fullerton. She let me cry into her fur on the many nights that I felt alone and afraid. She loved to run with me on the beach, chase squirrels in the yard, and follow me literally every place I went. That's really all she ever wanted- to be by my side.

Anna had a very enlarged heart from undiagnosed heart failure (old age). She showed some signs recently of not being well, but truthfully there has been so much going on that both she and Ellie got pushed to the background. The morning she passed, she was unable to walk, stand, or eat. She was in the active stage of dying, which I now unfortunately know looks very much the same in an animal as a human. But because she is an animal, we were able to relieve her of her suffering by making the heartbreaking decision to put her to sleep. That decision became clear when she fell unconscious on the vet's table. Gary was with her when she passed. He came home without her and we both cried. A lot. There have been too many tears lately.

I miss her. She was a good dog, and a good friend. I don't understand how this universe works, but my greatest hope is that her spirit ran straight to my mom in heaven, and they are keeping each other company. My mom loved her too.

(originally posted 8.30.11)

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