Tuesday, October 25, 2011

scenes from fall

Fullerton does not have extreme seasonal changes compared to most areas of the country, but even in this part of the world, I can feel that fall is in the air.  The mornings are becoming cool and crisp, and I have to put a jacket and shoes on Juliet now before our morning walk instead of going barefoot.

I am trying to embrace this seasonal change, and I thought I'd share what our life is looking like this morning. What are you doing to embrace the fall season?
Our "Turlock pumpkins" decorating the front porch
Juliet helping us collect our pumpkins in Turlock

Three scarecrows decorating our front yard. Look, we even have leaves on the ground!
A witch in the bushes, oh my!
Our morning walk through the neighborhood in our pajamas
Gary wanted to get the 2 ton pumpkin but we didn't have room in our car ;)


  1. Gary is wearing shorts! That totally trumps your attempts at showing "fall" in So Cal. Ha!

  2. That picture of Juliet in the cart with her necklace on next to those colorful pumpkins is too cute!