Monday, October 17, 2011

2 months of darling Audrey

Audrey is 2 months old today! She is my sweet darling, and is very generous with her smiles. It's amazing what effect just one smile from my child can have on my day.
I'm 2 months and adorable!
Here is what 2 months is like in my world:

Audrey doesn't like the car seat, just like her big sister. She rarely makes it more than 5 minutes in the car without crying. This makes for very stressful car rides for me. Depending on the length of the trip, I pull over to take her out & calm her, hop out to try to soothe her with a paci,or just keep going and drive a little faster. Going to the grocery store can become an epic stress. We are driving 6 hours to Turlock this weekend and I am praying she will just sleep, because otherwise it's going to be a looooong drive!

Here are the girls in a rare quiet moment in the car (yes, I still rear face Juliet and will do so until 2 years...yes, I know she will be happier once she faces front, but I'd rather she stay alive than happy, so rear facing it is!):

Pediatrican visit:
Audrey is a healthy peanut, and weighs 11 lbs 3 oz (60th %) and is 22 inches (35th %).  I told her ped that I only want to do 2 vaccinations per visit, despite there being 5 (5!) on the schedule for her checkup. I could see the doctor, whom I otherwise like, barely contain her eye roll at me. She probably figures I am some blind follower of Jenny McCarthy. Whatever. Would YOU want to get 5 shots at one time? I sure wouldn't, so why would I do that to my baby? I don't really care if it inconveniences the doctor or clinic for me to space out her shots. I'll take the eye rolls. My kid, my choice. Both my girls will be fully vaccinated, but the way I want to, thankyouverymuch.

This is what I fed my family for dinner last night. Frozen fish sticks and mac 'n cheese.

I am not proud of myself. In fact, I'm so ashamed that I almost kept it a secret. I am so tired by dinnertime that preparing healthy meals is just so overwhelming.  Dinnertime also happens to be the  most chaotic part of the day, when both girls are awake and Audrey is starting her evening fussies.  I literally do not have free hands which is why it is so tempting to feed something out of a package. Even the process of cooking the fish in the oven was tough, since Audrey needed to be nursed and Juliet wanted to "help" by trying to reach into the oven, and so on. It's true chaos.

I need ideas for easy, healthy meals that the whole family will eat. I want to make healthy food a normal part of my family routine. It is very, very important to me, and yet I am really failing. I had no idea until I had kids how difficult that goal would become. If anyone has  real, practical advice or recipes, I would love to hear them!


  1. It can be hard for us too - even without the kids - just with the long hours at work! Maybe if you did part packaged - like a frozen pizza (veggie maybe for added vedge) and then just prepared a veggie side or salad. Jeff and I do that when we're short on time. And then there's the best thing - leftovers! Make a big pot of soup on Sunday and freeze extras and have it ready for a go to dinner. And have you tried a crock pot? The best and you can prep it all in the AM - or when the girls are napping and just throw everything in and don't pay attention to it for hours.

  2. Catching up on your blog, and am always so happy to be connected with you over your beautiful writing :) You guys are heroes, warriors, great friends for making the Turlock trek this weekend, and you have SO many people excited to see you four! I echo Ambee that I can't imagine having to be responsible for more than just two adults, but here are my two cents on make ahead/leftover healthy meals that can be altered a lot so they don't get boring (chicken, fish, veggies etc.) - stir fry, soup/stews, burrito/taco bar, salad bar. Crock Pot DOES rule too!
    xoxo Linz

  3. Maybe try the crock pot thing. I think none of us do it because Mom never did but I know lots of people who swear by it. Figure out a couple good recipes and pass them on :)

    I love that little Naan pizza thing. So tastey and only takes a few minutes. Supposedly they make whole wheat Naan but not in Pensacola, Florida. I made it again last night but loaded it up w veggies.

    Eva is in a very picky stage and currently only wants to eat pretzels, eggs, hard boiled white part of the egg, packaged sugared oatmeal (I add regular oatmeal to it so I dont feel as guilty), turkey hot dogs, olives, and pickles.

  4. I know it probably sounds like I'm a copycat, but I totally agree about the crockpot! I use it at least once a week. I've got A TON of recipes for it and its so easy!

    I know what you mean about trying to keep little 17 mo old hands out of the oven.. but I'm not also wearing a newborn in a wrap at the same time!! :)

    Honestly-- it does get easier!! I promise! :)

  5. maybe you should take over the mops group and suggest using the time to cook instead of craft together. or maybe get someone, anyone, to come over or saturday or sunday afternoon to cook for a few hours with you, to get you a jumpstart for your week. or to watch your kids while you get a big jumpstart. you can do a LOT in just a few hours: roast vegetables to use throughout the week, make braises and stews and soups to use.

    also, since we're on the topic of appliances, get a rice cooker and learn how to use it to make brown rice. cook the rice in chicken broth instead of water to make it meaty, rich and delicious. it'll take 2 minutes to get going and 40 minutes to cook.

    i will brainstorm, but consider dark meat and braising cuts your friends in the crock pot!

  6. Over here from BBC- it's hard to cook dinner with any children to take care of, esp. a new baby (NAK right now, lol!) Anyway, I love cooking and make dinner most nights for the fam. Sometimes though, it's a cold cereal or grilled cheese night- you do what you gotta do! I have some quick and easy recipes on my food blog, soups, crockpot, etc. if you are interested!