Saturday, October 29, 2011


I'm happy to write that I've made some good progress in the meal department this week. I've decided to start shopping at Trader Joe's again, after a lengthy hiatus. Trader Joe's sells a lot of packaged food. Much of it is over-packaged (the produce) which has always bothered me, but it is perfect for this stage of life for my family. I can cook a reasonably well-balanced meal with minimal effort and it tastes good.

For example, the other night I made a green curry dish with chicken and veggies. I also made it for lunch for my Dad and everyone gave it 2 thumbs up.

I used the frozen chicken tenders from TJ's, frozen brocolli, frozen grilled peppers and onions,frozen organic brown rice (3 minute cook time), and a jar of the TJ brand Green Curry Simmer Sauce. I thought it was delicious, if I do say so myself.

We have also been enjoying a great afternoon snack courtesy of Trader Joe's and inspiration from my friend Jenna.  Instead of reaching for junk, we are all having a yummy smoothie made of:

- handful of fresh spinach
- 2 oranges from the backyard, squeezed
- 2 bananas
- handful of frozen mango chunks
- handful of frozen strawberries
-  1/2 cup of TJ's "Green Juice"

Juliet loves it! It's worth the mess to let her enjoy a yummy, healthful afternoon treat.

But seriously, the over-packaging is a bit ridiculous. Does every egg really need its own expiration stamp?! I need to get my own hens someday!

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