Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Which celebrity mom are you?

Well, I caught myself in a lie. I decided that talking about celebrities on this blog is a little bit fun.

Let's talk celebrity moms. Which one are you?

A quick google search shows that there are a zillion quizzes you can take to find out. Here are a few:
Lifetime , Babycenter , Baby Zone , Chicago Tribune , Ladies Home Journal

But since this is my blog, I'll make up my own. Here are a few celeb moms that come to mind. Which one do you relate to most, admire, or secretly envy a bit?

Jessica Alba- Hands on mom who always looks fashionable and put together, even for trips to the park.

Tina Fey- Funny, pretty, and Creator of a hit TV show, and she has a couple kids too, that she manages to keep out of the spotlight since I barely knew she had kids.

Miranda Kerr- Victoria's Secret model. Had an unmedicated birth of a 9+ lb baby, and posts pics of breastfeeding her baby on twitter.

Angelina Jolie- She is quirky for sure, but clearly has a heart for international adoptions and a large family (there are at least 2 kids missing from this pic). Surely the multiple nannies help, though?

Gwen Stefani- 2 little boys to wrestle with, but Gwen still always finds time to put on her red lipstick and stay looking like a star.

Jennifer Garner- Hands on mom, who seems to care less about Hollywood. She wears baggy jeans and running shoes and her kids look like they wear kids from Target but they have smiles from ear to ear.

Katie may have sold her soul to Scientology but you can't deny that Suri is absolutely adorable.

Brooklyn hipster Maggie Gylenhaal, nursing her baby at an outdoor cafe.

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