Monday, April 2, 2012

programming note

I am trying out the automatic ad placement that provides. Just for kicks. If it's completely annoying, I'll remove it. Hope it doesn't bug anyone too much- it's just an experiment :)
Moving on...

We are having a relatively peaceful Monday so far. I had a good workout with my Stroller Strides gals, and then afterward Juliet played with all the kids at the park. She is starting to really *play* with the other kids-- today, she gave one of the older kids an enthusiastic high-five after they all ran across the softball field together (lining up together, and repeating, "Ready! Set! Go!").

Audrey's sleep training sucks. Day 2 was just as miserable as Day 1. She cried for over an hour each time she woke up. I layed in bed the whole time and cried. Ugh. I'm still nursing her once at night (11 pm) but cutting out the 2 am and 4 am nursing sessions.  Don't worry, I'm not starving my baby. If you're a sleep training hater, I understand, but this is just what needs to happen for our family at this point. At 7 months +, she can make it from 11 pm til 6 am without nursing once she gets into the habit. But yeah, it pretty much sucks right now. Maybe Day 3 will be smoother.


  1. Sleep training sounds like what you need for your family! Don't worry about what other people do/think. Stay strong!

  2. Short term pain, long term gain. You are being an excellent mama helping teach your baby to sleep on her own. You need the rest and sanity that comes with consistent sleep. It will get better!!