Sunday, April 22, 2012

Baby & Toddler Product Recommendations

It's always nice to swap tips with moms on what's working well for them. So, these are some products I am enjoying for my little ones these days. What's working for you?

I'm doing a mix of Baby Led Weaning (read about it here) and commercial purees for Audrey. I'm sticking with organic foods as much as possible, and I absolutely love these. They taste like something that I would actually want to eat, instead of a jar of mushed peas (yuck). Even Juliet loves them and they both enjoy sucking them right from the pouch (no spoon or bowl for mama to clean- works for me!).

These always come in handy when Audrey needs a distraction. I prefer them to the other Puffs, although they are all about the same nutritionally (i.e., mostly air). They are frequently on sale at Babies R Us, which makes them about the same cost as the non-organic ones.

Juliet has cute, wide toddler feet. They are too wide to fit in most shoes, which is a little bit of a bummer because I can't buy her cheap ones from Target. See Kai Run shoes work perfect for her feet, and the company specializes in fitting shoes for the typical toddler foot (wider in the toe). They are adorable and high quality, and worth the extra cost. The ones below are Juliet's favorites, and the *only* shoe she will wear. She can put on her own shoes now, and it's the first thing she does when she gets out of bed in the morning!
I love these zipper pajamas for my girls. They are cotton and the perfect weight for sleeping comfortably with our thermostat set around 73 (is that a normal temp to set it at? I don't know but it works for us!). The Carter's fleece pajamas work well for winter, but I favor these the rest of the year. And I prefer pajamas with footies unless it's really, really hot. Children's Place often has sales, and I bought Audrey some the other day for $9.

And- what I do NOT recommend:

If you're thinking of ordering anything from for your kids- DON'T. I ordered Juliet a pair of shoes (Crocs! With the idea that she can slip them on easily herself...)over a month ago and they have yet to arrive. I doubt they'll still fit her growing feet at this rate! I've ordered from them twice and it's taken over a month each time. Not worth the mediocre savings.

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