Friday, April 13, 2012

it's the little things, 4.13.2012

It's the little things during the week that make it all so special. Here's the roundup from the week.

Juliet started Easter Sunday in a fluffy, fancy dress. This is how she ended it :)

Juliet, getting chased by her Daddy in the park and tumbling in the grass

Proud of my little muscles that I'm working hard for! Don't make fun of me for taking this picture! haha

A day at the farm, picking strawberries and tasting all the delicious organically grown vegetables
Sisters. Matching outfits, picked out by Juliet!


  1. You SHOULD be proud of those muscles. You look great!

    1. thanks, jamie! It feels good to be back to "just me" again after 2 back-to-back pregnancies! :)

  2. You do look amazing. I can only dream of that day right now!

    The car seat picture and the matching outfits...Adorable!!

  3. Looking hot, mama! (Btw you have SO inspired me to already think about post-baby recovery/workout and I looked up our local Stroller Strides to join!)
    And looks like a really fun, special week too, such great pics :)
    xoxo Linz