Friday, February 24, 2012

On an afternoon ER Visit

A friend of mine posted this photo, and I just have to share it. It's so beautiful. I love how natural it is for each baby bird to be tucked under its mama's wing. We can learn so much from Nature in how to protect and care for our young.

Speaking of protecting our young- we had an accident yesterday.

The whole day was going so well up to that point. And then I decided to try and fold laundry while Juliet played in the backyard. (The laundry room connects out to our garden) I was watching her play up on the terraced garden area, and then I turned away toward the laundry.

And then I heard a hard thump against the side of the house, and knew exactly what had happened.

Juliet likes to walk along the cinder block wall that is on the side of our house (even though I discourage it). She was walking on it, and fell about 3 feet down into the cement rain gutter, hitting the back of her head really, really hard on the concrete siding.

I ran out to find her crumpled against the concrete wall. It's in moments like these when you realize how vulnerable and small your child really is. And my heart practically beat itself right out of its chest.

A lot of tears later, and it was clear that this injury was a bit worse than the many other head falls she has sustained in the last year. She's had several goose eggs on her forehead, but she wasn't recovering as well from this blow. So, with some panic on my part, and a phone call to the triage nurse, we headed to the ER.

The end of the story is that she is fine. Thank goodness, it was just a nasty bump. Protecting our young from harm as they grow older and more independent is so difficult; finding that balance between letting my child explore the outdoors and grow into her own person, without harming's tricky.


  1. So glad she's fine! Scary scary for a minute there!