Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Last Minute Valentines

First, I'll just say: I am a procrastinator. This has not changed since my status has changed to "Mama".

I recently joined a mom's workout group called Stroller Strides. It is awesome. I literally couldn't walk for 3 days after my first workout. Squats, lunges, sprints. This mama is going to be smokin' hot by summertime.


The workout group also does playtime and crafts with the kids at the park afterward, and this week we were invited to bring Valentines to pass out to each of the children. I had a week's notice, but kept forgetting to buy a cheap little pack of Valentines when I went to the store. You know the kind- those cardboard Valentines with some cartoon character like Snoopy.

Since I procrastinated, we made last minute homemade Valentines instead.

I greatly prefer the idea of having them be homemade, anyway. I think I'll be doing things this way from now on. The bonus is that the project was completely free, and Juliet and I got to work together on an art project.

The downsides is that 1) no one else made homemade ones, so we stuck out a bit, and 2) it was a lot messier. And now that I think about it, neither of those things is such a bad thing!

I hope that over time, these small actions will teach my children to value creativity and thrift over commercialism. (Something I also need a reminder of, sometimes!)



  1. The Valentines are adorable! I just googled Stroller Strides in MD to give it a try. I need to work out more. Feeling very out of shape. There is no 24 hr close to me and the gym on base has no child care.

  2. Um, I think you could have predicted that I was gonna LOVE this one.

  3. I wish they would bring Stroller Strides to C-bus Ohio! I've been waiting for one to start near us but no such luck!

    Love the valentines :)