Monday, February 20, 2012

21 months of Juliet

Dear Juliet,

Today you turned 21 months. You are such a delightful little girl.

We went to the zoo today and had so much fun as a family. You loved watching the monkeys and the camels;  I liked the anteater! Daddy carried you around on his shoulders and you pointed out each animal with delight.

Daddy took you on the carousel at the zoo. It went very fast and you weren't too sure about it at first. He says you hung onto your horse for dear life, but every time the carousel turned toward me, I saw you grinning from ear to ear while you daddy had a protective arm resting on you. As soon as you got off, you pointed the horse and exclaimed, "More! More!"

You adore your sister Audrey, and are so kind and gentle with her. You love planting kisses on her forehead. She watches your every move and I can tell you are going to be very special friends. Sometimes it takes my breath away to watch the two of you giggle at each other. I am amazed that I created two such beautiful children and I am so glad that the two of you will always have each other.

This morning I took you and Audrey to my morning workout group. All the kids were sitting in their respective strollers, waiting for their mamas to sprint up and down a nearby hill.

Every time I rounded the corner and returned to the stroller, you stood up, threw your hands up toward the sky, and very, very enthusiastically shouted, "Hiiii! Mama! Mama! Yaaaay!!"

You were the only kid doing this, and it made me beam with pride and joy. Thank you for being my own personal cheerleader, and thank you for being so joyfully delighted when you see me round that corner to come back to you. I know sometimes it's scary when you don't know exactly where I am, but I promise- I am always here, and I will always, always come for you.

I love you, forever and ever.



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