Monday, January 30, 2012

on a peaceful Sunday

Too often I come here to this blog to write when I feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and frustrated. Because when things are going well, when my family is calm and loving and peaceful, I am enjoying the moments and not thinking about venting about it on my blog!

So I thought I'd just take a moment to say: yesterday was lovely.

Rocking my baby to sleep in her sling in the last church pew at church.

Holding hands with my husband as we worship our Creator.

Swinging in the sunshine in our backyard with my baby and realizing her legs are dangling over mine now. She is growing so fast.

Meeting new neighbors and stocking up on Girl Scout Cookies.

Watching quietly from the edges while Juliet follows her daddy everywhere, so desperate to join him in his chores. Like a little duckling following behind him every step of the way.

Juliet kissing Audrey open-mouthed on the lips. So much tongue and drool and adorableness.

Sharing a family meal with my sisters, dad, and brother-in-law. A delicious meal made by my sister. Juliet getting endless treats from her Grandpa.

Gratitude for this beautiful life.

Enjoying the sunshine in our backyard.


  1. Love the picture!!

    Sounds like you had amazing sunday!!

    Where did you get that wrap I love it!

  2. Thanks Megan! The wrap is a Girasol woven wrap called Inara's Rainbow. I bought it from Granola Babies (their store is nearby but you can also buy online)