Thursday, January 19, 2012

bits & pieces

I'm really enjoying the sunny 70 degree weather in Fullerton while reading through Facebook posts on the  snow & ice storm in Seattle. Just one good reason to have moved back to my hometown!  I blame my parents for having raised me in a warm climate- no matter how much I tried to acclimate to colder weather, it's just not my favorite.

My mom used to say that she could never move back to Chicago after having moved to Laguna Beach in her 20s and spending a winter day on the beach, eating an avocado in the sunshine. And I agree. And I miss my mom; memories of her flood in every day and I feel waves of grief that knock me to my knees.

This was how we started our morning, before having a lovely visit with some old friends and their little ones. Juliet's new "Cheese!" face cracks me up.

How about you?

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