Sunday, November 6, 2011

a day of rest and faith

We bundled up the girls for church this morning and heard the first sermon in a new series called "Where is God?". It is an apt subject for me as I continue to grieve for my Mom and struggle with understanding where God was through her illness and the horrifying suffering that she endured in the end. We read from Exodus, learning about how Moses and the people of Israel waited on God to deliver them to the Promised Land. In our modern day of iPhones and onDemand-everything, it is so hard to wait for anything, let alone to wait for God and trust in His faithfulness.

We came home from church and had a quiet afternoon full of peaceful play. And then I wrapped Audrey up in my arms and napped with her in bed while Juliet also slept. There are few things I relish more than a nap on a rainy afternoon.

I also took the girls to the park after the rain dried up for a late afternoon romp. And it was on this walk that I felt God's presence very clearly and tangibly.  He was there in the glimmer of sun peaking through the clouds, and in Juliet's delighted smile as she navigated the slide. He was there in Audrey's sleepy grin as she snuggled up into my chest. He is here, and He is good.

(And can I just say that this winter hat that I bought for Juliet was the best $8 I ever spent? I finally found a hat that she doesn't rip off her head in 5 seconds! She left it on the whole time.  Wonders truly never cease.)

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