Thursday, November 17, 2011

3 months of lovely Audrey

I love you, my sweet baby. Thank you for joining our family and bringing your sweetness to our life. You and I have been having some great conversations with each other lately. I look into your pretty eyes and say something like, "I love you, my beautiful baby" (because I surely do), and you look right back at me and squeal in delight.  Sometimes you squeal so loud it's like a lovely little shriek.  The most adorable happy squeals and shrieks I've ever heard, with a big toothless grin.  You are a happy baby indeed

You smile at your sister Juliet when she pushes you in the swing, and she gives you a big happy smile in return; I'm so glad you are already becoming friends. She loves to try and care for you, by pulling the blanket up over you, putting your socks on, and trying to put the pacifier in your mouth. Today she wanted to give you a drink of milk from her bottle too! You happily go with the flow. You've also just discovered your hands, and hold them in front of your face, exploring every inch over and over again with intent focus.  It's so wonderful to watch you start to enjoy the world around you. I love you desperately, joyfully, forever and ever.

love, mama


  1. I remember you often worried that Audrey would be "affected" by all the sadness and hard times you and your famly were going through during your pregnancy and her birth - I hope you feel so good seeing what a happy, thriving, joyful, sweet baby she is!
    :) Linz

  2. LOVE that pic, and kinda jealous of your woven- I have a Beco and a Sleepywrap. Baby is now too heavy for the Sleepywrap. :( But I'm glad I can still wear him in the Beco. But again, love your wrap and that pic!