Saturday, July 27, 2013

Home Depot with "Baba" (grandpa)

Just one of the many reasons I am grateful to be living close to my extended family. These relationships are so special to me. These ordinary and everyday moments bring such a feeling of peace and intimate balance.

Gary and I attended a wedding in Berkeley last weekend and had such a great time, enjoying the fresh breeze and beauty of Berkeley and lovely conversations with old friends. The Bay Area has always whispered "home" to both of us over the years, and did again during our short trip. We talked about moving back up if my family ever starts dispersing and making mass exodus from Orange County, because they are the real reason we are here. And as much as I live the Bay, I hope everyone stays right where we are, because having your family near to love and be loved is really what this life is all about.


  1. Selfishly I would LOVE to have the Harris family in the Bay Area! But I so understand and appreciate the importance of having family nearby - for me, it's so special (sometimes necessary!) living within 15 minutes of my mom and dad and sister.
    xoxo Linz