Thursday, April 4, 2013

Losing the baby weight

I went back to Stroller Strides last week at 6 weeks post partum. (That's me in the way back, doing squats with Finn in the Ergo). It feels good to exercise again without feeling like I'm walking around with a bowling ball in my crotch.

I tried on some pre-pregnancy jeans today and they wouldn't go up past my knees. I probably shouldn't have done that- it was only discouraging! One nice thing about having our family complete at 3 babies is never having to lose this dang pregnancy weight again. I lost it pretty easily the last 2 times mainly by breastfeeding it away, but it still is daunting! Especially since my tummy just keeps getting stretched out more each time and the skin doesn't look like it used to! My babies are worth a million times over, but I'm getting rather tired of wearing these maternity clothes!

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