Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Audrey, 19 months

Audrey has developed some specific fears this month. It is so interesting to watch how her little kind works.

She is very afraid of two things:
Windshield wipers, and shadows.

She freaks the freak out when she sees both. (The shadows are seen when she's lying in her changing table and my or Gary's shadow reflects on the wall above).

The great thing is that she is very verbal for her age, so she can communicate, "mommy I'm scared!!". It is actually quite sweet and I wonder how long these fears will last. I tried showing her a "bunny shadow" on the wall with my hand, and now she's also afraid of bunnies...oops!

This photo is just added for more comical measure. Jenna's husband was doing a "smile everybody! Say cheese!", and this was the face she gave! Ha!

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