Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I took the girls to Home Goods today and we briefly browsed through the children's section. Juliet was being delightful and wonderful. We passed by the small selection of Halloween costumes, and she became absolutely smitten with the purple fairy costume.


And so it begins...

She will be a purple fairy princess for Halloween this year, at her choosing. I guess mama only gets 2 years of being in charge of costumes.

And I guess she figured out what a princess was on her own, despite never having watched a single Disney princess movie. I even go so far as to call the princess dolls we see at the store, "the girl with the brown hair and the pretty dress", instead of "the pretty princess." I've always known that she has been hard wired since birth to be a feminine girl- she has loved sparkly things and jewelry since infancy. It looks like our princess phase, which was always inevitable, is starting.

Juliet in her magical rainbow fairy costume (keeping the purple one for Halloween.)


  1. Same here. It's disturbing. Brian thinks its hilarious. She ran in the room and said,, "I'm a pretty princess!" and I said, "9h look at you twirling. You're a ballerina!". She stopped, tuned around and said, "no. I'm a pretty princess.". Brian was laughing.

  2. Hahahahaha Jamie that is really funny. And I don't understand the reasoning behind not wanting them to watch princess movies. Yes happy ending's in life are not like the ones in Disney movies but who cares they're kids and fantasy and pretending is what helps expand their imaginations and let's them become more creative people! I didn't watch much Disney or pretend as much, didn't have siblings to play with, and I feel I'm definitely less creative because of it. Now I have to read, ugh such effort involved, and expand my mind in other ways as an adult and its way harder. Anyways funny post and I'm so envious of you both. I am starting to want kids of my own now. Ugh

  3. Hey Jake! I think my reasoning about avoiding the "princess" stuff is that I don't want her to grow up with a self-entitled attitude ("i'm the princess so I don't have to clean up my toys" etc). I definitely am supportive of my girls feeling beautiful and pretty, just not the idea that they are royalty, LOL!

    I think the kids will watch Disney movies in a couple years...they still don't have the attention span to watch a full length movie, anyway. I did put on Tangled (cute movie, btw) and ended up watching it by myself while the girls ran around and played, LOL!

  4. Oh and I also don't want them to grow up too "fast"- like at Disneyland, where they give the girls a "princess makeover" with makeup and hair dos and manicures...there is plenty of time for that as they get older, but I'd like to focus on playing in the mud right now and expanding their imaginations instead of focusing on physical attributes.

  5. Very understandable. I totally agree with you about the makeup. Kids should definitely stay kids as long as possible!