Tuesday, July 10, 2012

special memories

It's amazing how many wonderful moments happen every single day that are so precious and memorable. These are just a few from today:

Juliet and Audrey giggling like crazy together while they jump on the bed and take turns getting tossed in the air.

Juliet farts loudly. We both erupt in laughter, and then I tell her, "It's okay. Everybody farts sometime." Conversation ensues:
"Dada?" Yes. Dada farts!
"Baba?" Yes. Baba (grandpa) farts!
"CeCe?" Yes. Cece (aunt christy) farts!
"Uncle?" Yes. Uncle farts!
"Doggie?" Yes. Doggie farts!
We laugh and laugh as we go through every family member who farts.

Audrey's first carousel ride. All smiles.


Nursing Audrey to sleep while Juliet sits quietly in the chair rubbing Audrey's head.
Putting Juliet to sleep, kissing her forehead, and walking out the door as she blows kisses to me.

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