Friday, July 13, 2012

a conversation in my house goes like this.

J: "Mommy!"
(I'm in the back of the house, putting my contacts in. I ignore her.)
J: "Mommy?"
Me: "Yeah, baby, I'm back here. I'll be right there."
J: "Mommy!" (gets louder)
Me: "In a minute, my love. Mommy's getting ready so we can go to the park."
J: "Mommy!" (louder, more insistent)
Me: "I hear you. I will be right there."
J: "Mommy!" (louder)
J: "Mommy!" (louder)
J: "Mommy!" (at top of lungs. Not angry, but LOUD)
J: "MOMMY!!!!"

Me: "WHAT?!" (exasperated)

Juliet: "Hiiiiiiiiiii!" (in sweet, sing-songy voice)

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