Tuesday, December 11, 2012


My morning started out by having Audrey gleefully walk down the hall shouting, "Shoe! Shoe!". She picked out my shoes for me and insisted on helping to put them on. She is so much fun!

I dressed up a little bit for our Moms group at church, and it was nice to be wearing something other than stretchy pants and mismatched shoes. Feeling pretty good for being in the third trimester. Sobbed with big hiccups and rolling tears in the hallway of church after the speaker talked about her aging mother's hands. I miss my mom so much, it still aches every day. My church friends are so kind and loving; I'm glad to have their support. At the end, all the children were let into the room for some songs and dancing, and Juliet hopped and danced with glee. She loves to dance and I love to see her delight.

We played at home for the afternoon. Audrey learned how to exclaim, "One more time!" while holding her index finger in a "1" to beg to be spun and tossed in the air once more even when mommy needs a break to catch her breath. She learned that from her big sister, whom she copies and mimics in every way. We took a walk around the neighborhood and picked dandelions. The girls fought over who could hold Ellie's leash and who would pull the wagon. Some pushing and crying ensued intermittently. We read books and made animal sounds- Audrey is good at the "Moos" in particular. The usual stuff. Fun, beautiful, and frustrating afternoons that are both delightful and exhausting. Juliet also found my eyeshadow/eyeliner and experimented with some makeup. Here's her awesome look:

Then- tonight, the grand finale: For the first time ever, after I said "I love you" to Juliet, she said "I love you too, mommy" and planted a big kiss on my face. It's been a long time coming to hear those words! And yes, I'm crying now.


  1. Love this post. All of it is beautiful. Your belly, your grieving for your mom, toddlers in makeup, and of course - "I love you mommy". Ahh! Makes it all worth it. : )

  2. I love it!! A typical day in the life.. :) Those words are the best, especially at the end of a very long day!!

  3. I love your girls' senses of style!!! <3